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Some of the latest videos and protests of Margaretta on Youtube




Radio Pirate Woman has been operating an informal radio for 21 years: i.e. putting on small festivals twice a year whose purpose was not so much to gain millisteners to the radio as to get women to participate behind the microphone – an unusual approach made necessary by the technical difficulties of primitive home-made equipment and a transmitter with a range of only three miles, which included a number of black spots. For the same reasons, we decided to put our broadcasts onto the web.

Material and CDs used during the latest Radio Pirate-Woman broadcasts.

(I have not put WINGS or Bioneers in my radio box as you can download them yourself.)

Peace News

Mother Warriors Voice

Women’s News Ireland’s Feminist Magazine

Bioneers Radio Series Free to all Stations

WINGS, Women’s International News Gathering Service.


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